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hal Systems products are designed to meet the document management needs of the banking and finance industry. Loan file management, integration with your Core Processor, tickler calendar, web access, e-mail collection is all available through our family of products.


“We just completed a FHLB (Federal Home Loan Bank) audit, and as with all of our audits and exams involving loans, it was done using e.halFile. In our wrap-up, [the auditor] stated that our imaging system was the best, by far, of any imaging system he has ever worked on. He stated how user friendly it was, and how easy it was to locate the various documents.”

Sandy McCarver, EVP/Chief of Loan Operations
Southern National Bank of Texas

case study #1 - Southern National Bank

case study #2 - Milliman & Robertson

case study #3 - Prosperity Bancshares

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