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halCOLD/ERM Enterprise Report Manager
Fully integrated with halFILE Document Manager, this product filters and imports computer generated output such as accounting reports, tax forms and reports and more. Includes a Text File Splitter which is capable of splitting large reports into documents based on a variety of split options, a Text File Importer which extracts data from the text file for index retrieval, and a Text Viewer with text search capabilities. 

The Product

The Company

The People

The Product     -top-

halCOLD/ERM Enterprise Report Manager is a set of tools to import, index, view and manage report files. Features include:

Text File Import

  • Supports a variety of formatted report files including MS-DOS, AS-400, VAX, and Windows
  • New filters can be added upon request
  • Large report files can be split into more manageable documents based on a number of properties

Text File Indexing

  • Extracts report information and placing it into the halFILE key word search fields
  • Full text search can be performed against a set of documents retrieved by the key word search

Text File Retrieval

  • Once indexed, text files can be retrieved using same halFILE Document Manager interface as other documents
  • Image overlay feature lets you merge a scanned form with the text file to reproduce the original document

The Company     -top-

hal Systems Corporation was founded in 1974 as a service bureau for oil and gas companies.  Our first software products, PASHAL/Net and LAND/Net, were used to keep accounting records and manage oil and gas leases.  Over 400 companies accessed our two on-line data centers, and we sold 150 turnkey computer systems to oil and gas companies allowing our software applications to be run in-house. 

Today, over 30 years later, we are still providing quality software products to our clients. Our Imaging and Document Management product, halFILE, was first developed in 1987 for an insurance company.  Our first halFILE Title Company installation was in 1991. And now we have over 325 halFILE installations in 32 states.

Based in Dallas, hal Systems Corporation has its software development office in Austin with personnel in Denver and New York City.

The People     -top-

Our staff of 16 dedicated professionals has a combined experience of 200 years employment with hal Systems. All are trained professionals with the skills and real world experience necessary to help your company with today’s complex information technology. We employ CDIA (Certified Document Imaging Architech) and Microsoft qualified personnel to help with the planning, design, and implementation of your imaging system.  

In business as a software and service company for 30 years, we know that the most important feature of any software product is the technical and application support provided after the sale.  We take pride in delivering timely and quality technical and application support to our clients. Our software was designed, written, and tested by our staff, and many applications are run in house. We will be the ones who install it at your site; and will provide the on-going support. We are not reselling software written and developed by someone else. We have qualified personnel with years of real-world experience in all aspects of computer hardware and software.  We are Novell, Microsoft NT/2000, Microsoft OEM, and HP certified; we have installed, trained, and supported over five hundred Local and Wide Area Networks (LAN/WAN’s), and thousands of computers since 1974

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