Exciting things are happening at hal Systems! This issue of the halFILE Papers features stories about the upcoming halFILE Users Group (HUG) Conference, halFILE 2.1 release, new Million Image Club Members,  and more!

July 2003

halFILE 2.1 is out the door! 
halFILE V2.1 has been officially released. Version 2.1 is quickly being rolled out to customer sites. This new release promises to be the best release of halFILE ever! Click here for a  description of the upgrades and enhancements in Version 2.1

HUG User's Group Conference scheduled
The 2nd annual HUG Conference is scheduled for November 12-14, 2003 at the historic Driskill Hotel in Austin. Click here for more information.

Welcome to Our World
...new users of hal products
hal Systems is proud to welcome new clients...

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