KOFAX Error Codes and Scan Errors

Number  Symbolic Constants              Description Number  Symbolic Constants              Description 20000   KGERRASSERTIONFAILED            Assertion Failed 20001   KGERRENGINENOTINITIALIZED       Engine Not Initialized 20002   KGERRCANNOTLOADENGINE           Cannot Load Engine 20003   KGERRCANNOTFINDENGINE           Cannot Find Engine 20004   KGERRNOIMAGEOPEN                No Image Open 20005   KGERRSCALINGERROR               Image Scaling Error 20006   KGERRCANNOTLOADFILTERS          Cannot Load Storage Filters 20007   KGERRUNKNOWNFILEFORMAT          Cannot Recognize File Format 20008   KGERRCANNOTFINDBICCFG           Cannot Find BIC.CFG File 20009   KGERRCANNOTOPENDIALOG           Cannot Open Dialog Box 20010   KGERRCMPDATAERROR               Compressed Data Error 20011   KGERRENGINENOTPRINTCAPABLE      Engine Not Print Capable 20012   KGERRDEVICEALREADYRESERVED      Device Is Already Reserved 20013   KGERRDEVICENOTRESERVED          Device Is Not Reserved 20014   KGERRCANTOPENBOARD              Can't Open Engine 20015   KGERRCANTOPENDEVICE             Can't Open Device 20016   KGERRSCANINPROGRESS             Scan Is In Progress 20017   KGERRINVALIDININAME             Invalid INI File Name 20018   KGERRINIDOESNOTEXIST            INI File Does Not Exist 20019   KGERRCANTREADSCANNER            Can't Read Scanner Settings 20020   KGERRCANTWRITESCANNER           Can't Write Scanner Settings 20021   KGERRMEMORYERROR                Host Memory Failure 20022   KGERRINVALIDACTION              Invalid Action Value 20023   KGERRBADPARAMETER               Bad Parameter 20024   KGERRINVALIDSTORAGECOMBO        Invalid Storage Combination 20025   KGERRSCANNERNOPAPER             Scanner No Paper 20026   KGERRSCANNERPAPERJAM            Scanner Paper Jam 20027   KGERRNOTCAPABLE                 Not Capable 20028   KGERRABORTED                    Aborted 20029   KGERRSTARTINGJOB                Error Starting Job 20030   KGERREVENTERROR                 Event Returned Error 20031   KGERRSTARTINGSCANNER            Error Starting Scanner 20032   KGERRCREATINGHID                Error Creating Image Descriptor 20033   KGERRCREATINGIMAGE              Error Creating Image 20034   KGERRREADINGDATA                Error Reading Data 20035   KGERRIMAGEERROR                 Image Error 20036   KGERRQUERYEXTDATAERROR          Extended Data Error 20037   KGERRCOPYINGIMAGE               CopyImage Error 20038   KGERRSTARTINGDISK               Error Starting Disk Job 20039   KGERRCANNOTDISPLAYIMAGE         Cannot Display Image 20040   KGERRCANNOTCACHEIMAGE           Cannot Cache Image 20041   KGERRFAIL                       Fail 20042   KGERRNA                         Not Available 20043   KGERRCORRUPTED                  Corrupted 20044   KGERRTIMEOUT                    Timeout 20045   KGERRDRIVERFAIL                 Driver Fail 20046   KGERRNOTSUPPORTED               Not Supported 20047   KGERRCONTROLNOTFOUND            Control Not Found 20048   KGERRCONTROLNOTCONNECTED        Control Not Connected 20049   KGERRTASKFAILURE                Task Failure 20050   KGERRBADPICKINGRECTANGLE        Bad Picking Rectangle 20051   KGERRPAPERINADF                 Cannot perform flatbed scan, paper in ADF 20052   KGERRBADDPI                     Invalid DPI 20053   KGERRBADPAPERSIZE               Invalid paper size 20054   KGERRBADDENSITY                 Invalid density 20055   KGERRBADCONTRAST                Invalid contrast 20056   KGERRBADPAPERSRC                Invalid paper source 20057   KGERRBADSTACKER                 Invalid stacker 20058   KGERRBADCOLOR                   Invalid color 20059   KGERRBADBITSEX                  Invalid bitsex 20060   KGERRBADSCANMODE                Invalid scan mode 20061   KGERRBADSTARTMODE               Invalid start mode 20062   KGERRBADPAPERDST                Invalid paper destination 20063   KGERRBADDUPLEX                  Invalid simplex/duplex setting 20064   KGERRLINETOOWIDE                Line too wide to handle with this engine 20065   KGERRBADPRINTTRAY               Invalid print tray 20066   KGERRBADPARAMCOMBO              Invalid parameter combination 20067   KGERRADFPRESENT                 ADF is present 20068   KGERRBADDITHER                  Invalid dither setting 20069   KGERRBADJOG                     Invalid jogger position setting 20070   KGERRBADFOOTSWITCH              Invalid foot switch 20071   KGERRBADJOBSEP                  Job separator not supported 20072   KGERRBADLONGSCAN                Long scan not supported 20073   KGERRBADWIDTHORLENGTH           Bad width and/or length specified 20074   KGERRBADSRCSIZECOMBO            Invalid paper source/paper size combination 20075   KGERRBADSRCPANELCOMBO           Invalid paper source/panel combination 20076   KGERRBADSIZEORIENTCOMBO         Invalid paper size/orientation combination 20077   KGERRBADSIZEDPICOMBO            Invalid paper size/DPI combination 20078   KGERRBADSRCORIENTCOMBO          Invalid paper source/orientation combination 20079   KGERRBADSRCLONGSCANCOMBO        Invalid paper source/long scan combination 20080   KGERRBADORIENTLONGSCANCOMBO     Invalid orientation/long scancombination 20081   KGERRBADSTACKERJOGCOMBO         Invalid stacker/jog position combination 20082   KGERRBADORIENT                  Invalid orientation 20083   KGERRBADCONTRASTSCANMODE        Invalid contrast/scan mode combination 20084   KGERRUNKNOWNERROR               Unknown error 20085   KGERRUNSUPPORTEDCOMPFORMAT      Unsupported compression format 20086   KGERRPOWEROFF                   Peripheral power off or cable not connected 20087   KGERRSTRINGTOOLONG              String too long 20088   KGERRALREADYOPEN                Device already open 20089   KGERRDATAOVERRUN                Data overrun 20090   KGERRSTOPBUTTON                 Peripheral stopped by user 20091   KGERRFUSEBLOWN                  Peripheral fuse blown 20092   KGERROPTICSERROR                Peripheral optics malfunction 20093   KGERRMECHANICALERROR            Peripheral mechanical malfunction 20094   KGERRCOVEROPEN                  Peripheral cover open 20095   KGERRNOENDORSER                 Peripheral has no endorser 20096   KGERRENDORSERERROR              Endorser error 20097   KGERRBADENDORSERSTRING          Invalid endorser string 20098   KGERRELECTRICALERROR            Peripheral electrical malfunction 20099   KGERRWRITINGDATA                Error writing data

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