halFILE Success Stories
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Success Stories

Click on a red dot to review the related story or <<click here>> for a list of headlines Washington State Community Colleges success story Trinity County Recorder delivers information via e.halFILE halFILE shown at Title Tech 2000 North Star Title installs first e.halFILE halFILE Reseller First Data Systems SoftPro signs up as halFILE Reseller Pictures from Fairbanks Title Agency install Texas Department of Health solves voucher paper problem Texas Department of Health receives Million Image Award Milliman & Robertson enhances transaction system with halFILE NTA Life receives Million Image Award Metropolitan Area Community whips paper problem halFILE does banking! 100th halFILE installed! Coastal Title nears completion of 4th Title Plant First Million Image Award winner! halFILE and e.halFILE in New York City! Pictures from Edina, Minnesota 25-year Title Plant completed! Skamania County, Washington Mercury Companies, Denver Augusta Title, Atlanta


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