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Windows 7 Installation Notes

Moving halFILE to a new server

Designing halFILE Reports

Designing halFILE Databases

halFILE Hardware/Network Requirements

Technical Briefs
Technical briefs provide detailed information for common halFILE procedures. Click a link below to view the documentation in Acrobat format. More documentation can be found under Supporting Documentation.

More recent Technical Briefs can be found at the halFILE BLOG.


 Changing a field name in a halFILE SQL Server database

 Custom Search Formats

 Designing halFILE Databases

 Designing halFILE Reports

 Designing halFILE Reports - Advanced Tutorial

 e.halFILE Hardware and Software Requirements

 halFILE Hardware and Software Requirements

 halFILE Index Hooks

 Installing Print To feature on Terminal Server

 Migrate halFILE Access databases to SQL Server

 Moving and re-stapling documents with Tools-Move

 Moving halFILE to a new Server

 Printing Search Criteria on a Report

 Sample script to backup SQL Server databases

 Sample script to unload Sybase databases

 SQL Server Transaction Logs

 SQL Server Suspect Database recovery

 Sorting the Search Hit List

 Steps to perform when CD Stage Drive is full

 Windows 7 Installation Notes

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