halFILE Systems is a trusted partner to hundreds of title companies and title plants across the USA.

Productivity and Flexibility

Designed for title companies, the halFILE Title Plant Cloud will increase your productivity and provide your employees with the ability to work from anywhere.

Starter System

Fast, comprehensive date-down searches save you valuable time

Tracking of all searches on each file with automated update to close the gap between the initial search and final closing

Closing Documents

Title Plant Cloud enables you to digitize, index and archive closing and other important documents for quick and easy retrieval, saving money on paper, printing and storage.

Secure & Reliable

The halFILE Cloud is extremely reliable and secure. Our cloud environment has three different layers of backup including multiple Tier 1 environments. Your title plant will be safe from equipment failures, black swan events, and bad actors. Our Cloud Title Plant Management includes backup and recovery services.

Disaster Recovery Cloud

Your business depends on the security of your title plant data and the availability of your software tools. halFILE provides data security and platform redundancy to ensure that your business is protected against hardware failure, Internet disruption, ransomware and malware.

Standard Features


  • Scan

  • Import

  • Document Transporter

  • Print To

  • Send To

  • Email


  • User Defined Fields

  • Key Verify

  • Coded fields

  • Date / Time

  • Auto Fill

  • Multi-entry fields


  • Auto Complete

  • Proximity

  • Save results

  • User-defined colors

  • Flexible sorting

  • Powerful Reporting


  • PDF/Office/TIFF

  • 100's of document formats

  • Zoom

  • OCR

  • Annotations

  • Print

  • Email


Revenue Sharing

Are you a title company that wants to make your documents available to the public online.  Become a content provider and get a return for all of your hard work.

Join our community.

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