Modern Technology

Our software is 100% .NET based which provides security and an up to date modern interface to your document store.

Active community

Come see our users in action at one of our HUG (halFILE User Group) conferences.


Use our system throughout all your departments to organize and share your documents easily.


Prefer the cloud ... no problem.  halFILE is available in the cloud.  Let us handle all the hardware and maintenance.  No learning curve as the full desktop application is available via the cloud.

Web Solution

For those that prefer a browser we also offer e.halFILE - our web based search and retrieval system.

Document Support

We provide unrivaled support for document formats.  Look beyond PDF, Office, and scanned image files.  If you can double click an item from File Explorer then you can store it in halFILE.


Cloud / SaaS

Free yourself from the headaches of hardware and maintenance by migrating to the cloud. hal Systems provides our full desktop document management system integrated into your existing desktop. Access your documents from anywhere and allow us to keep things secure and up to date.


ECM / Document Management

Our flagship product halFILE handles all of your documents both paper and electronic. All of your items are stored and indexed for easy retrieval. Any image or document file type can be stored including scanned images, PDF files, Office files (.docx, .xlsx), even video or proprietary file formats.


Title Plant Management

A specialized add-on module for halFILE designed just for the residential and commerical real estate title industry provides you with everything you need to manage a modern title plant.


Web / e.halFILE

For those that prefer a browser we also offer e.halFILE - our web based search and retrieval system.


Enterprise Report Management (ERM) / COLD

 Integrated with the halFILE Document Manager, halCOLD/ERM filters and imports computer generated output such as accounting reports, tax forms and reports and more. A Text File Splitter splits large reports into documents based on a variety of split options, a Text File Importer extracts data from the text file for index retrieval, and a Text Viewer provides text search capabilities.


Email Collector

An essential add-on application to halFILE to store and manage e-mail. Email documents are kept in their native format for easy retrieval but stored in a true document management system - halFILE! halFILE E-mail Collector manages e-mail from any Outlook / Exchange e-mail system in much the same way as halFILE manages documents. 


Backup Service

hal Systems provides the halFILE Backup Service as an option to maintain an off-site backup of your halFILE data and images with 24/7 access via the web, should your system go down


Document Tracking / Sharing

Take Orders over the Internet and track the status toward preparing the Policy with Document Tracking. As halFILE captures documents prepared for an Order, your customers, vendors, and financial service providers have instant access to them via the Internet. 


Revenue Sharing

Are you a title company that wants to make your documents available to the public online.  Become a content provider and get a return for all of your hard work.

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