halFILE E-mail Collector

Don't just archive your email - store and retrieve unlimited amounts with our e-mail collector.


 Beyond Archive

Email Collector manages e-mail from any Outlook / Exchange e-mail system in much the same way as halFILE manages documents.  Email and it’s attachments are archived from the Outlook mailboxes into a halFILE database. 

Fast & Accurate Search

All fields and attachments are saved and are immediately searchable using any halFILE search criteria. The user has the ability to search for any e-mail posted to the halFILE database. They pick which fields, the search method used for each field, and the data value to search for. A hit list is
displayed and they will be able to move through the hit list to view the original e-mail using either their email client, completely outside of halFILE.


Alternately, they can search for and view the e-mail from within halFILE just like they would any other database.

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