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May, 2017:
150th halFILE 4.0 system installed.
April 12, 2019:
hal Systems celebrates
45th anniversary as a company. Happy Birthday and thanks to our customers for your support!
April, 2010:
hal Systems records the 450th sale of its flagship product - halFILE Document Manager!
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Reason 1: "Proximity Search" : A powerful new feature of the halFILE Search Module utilizing full text indexes. A full text search is performed, in which the words entered into the criteria must all be present but do not need to be in the same order as keyed.

Reason 2: "E-mail as PDF": Within the halFILE Search module, you can select an E-mail as PDF menu which converts the TIFF images to PDF and then attaches them to your e-mail message.

Reason 3: Resolved the issue where the Search module is unloaded if Terminal Server sessions are disconnected.

Reason 4: New halFILE "Document Clipboard" Feature: In the Index module, Hot keys for pasting selected fields can be assigned. While the clipboard is automatically loaded with the previously indexed document, you can also flip over to search, load any document into the document clipboard, then flip back to index and paste the document into the document clipboard. The data fields for the loaded document then become available for pasting via the hot keys.

Reason 5: halFILE E-mail Collector: This add-on module is an E-mail archiver where e-mails are extracted from Outlook or Outlook Express into a halFILE database, indexed on To, From, CC, Subject, Date, and Body. Supports full text indexing of the body.

Reason 6: halFILE Automated Indexing: This add-on module performs a full-text OCR of documents in a designated basket and stores the results into a new full-text database. Supports full-text indexing of Associated Documents including .doc, .xls, .pdf, .ppt, .rtf. .html, .txt. A great solution for storing Minutes, Ordinances and other documents where the a full-text search may be required.

Reason 7: Workflow: You can now design a workflow process for your documents to be routed from user to user. A predefined routing path is set up that prompts the indexer with the next step of the workflow.

Reason 8: halFILE Book/Page Image Validation Tool: A quality-assurance tool that performs calculations using book/page and file number to determine the number of pages a document should have and then tests to see if the actual number of images matches the calculated number of pages.

Reason 9: Active Directory support. Network users are assigned to halFILE groups using Active Directory. In halFILE, you only need to set up the Groups, not each individual user, saving the Network Administrator a lot of time.

Reason 10: To better prompt the indexer on the required fields, added ability to grey out index fields based on a value keyed into a selected field such as document type.

Reason 11: "Staple Preview". When stapling scanned or imported images into documents, a preview method is available to allow the user to correct stapling mistakes.

  Our flexible document management applications are designed to fit your needs.  From the desktop to the web, the halFILE™ family of products is there for the way you do business.

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More than document imaging. More than document management. halFILE products are applications that integrate with other databases, capture documents in a variety of ways and deliver documents to your users conveniently and quickly.

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Whether you are exploring document management for the first time or moving from an existing system, hal Systems can help with conversion/migration services, training, installation, and system/database design.

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