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A Successful Strategy
A discovery process to make sure you are implementing the correct halFILE products
On-site installation and training to make you feel comfortable with us and with the system
Conversion of the data from your old system into halFILE
Timely technical support

hal Systems works hard to make the transition to document management a comfortable one for you. For data conversion to application and database design to installation and training, our technical people will be there for you.
  "I realize that our customization request was a little out of the ordinary, but hal Systems has met all of our requirements and then some. We made the right decision to purchase the hal Systems product for our imaging needs, and we look forward to a long and rewarding relationship with your company."

application & database design
During the discovery and installation phase of your document management transition, we work with you to design your database to meet your current and future needs

Installation services include on-site software installation, database setup, and procedural definition to ensure a quick start toward a successful document management strategy

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Our installation and training process includes several days on-site to make certain that your personnel are comfortable with the new system
"We really enjoyed meeting and receiving our training from Jimmy Dean. His professionalism yet personable manner made the training go very well. We would recommend him to anyone!"


data conversion services

hal Systems provides services to convert data from your current database platform to halFILE. This includes data scrubbing and formatting to ensure you get the most of this valuable resource

data backup services

hal Systems provides the halFILE Backup Service as an option to maintain an off-site backup of your halFILE data and images with 24/7 access via the web, should your system go down

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